After months of recording and mixing, The Good Minus are primed to share their debut album. The record will be released on Friday the 27th of September and launched at the The Wesley Anne, Northcote on Friday the 11th of October with Anna Cordell supporting.

Tomatrax caught up with Matt Welch from the band to ask a few questions.


How did the band form?

Weve all been friends for quite a while and decided to make a band together in 2015. I’d (Matt) always admired David and Stu as musicians and after joking about forming a band together we decided to actually go ahead and do it.

Where did the name The Good Minus come from?

David, our bass player came up with the idea by reversing The Bad Plus band name. The names ended up sticking.

You have your debut album coming out soon, how does it feel to have it finished and ready to go?

Were excited to get it out there. Were proud of the songs and think that the album is a good summary of our style and what we sound like live.

What made you decide to make the album self titled?

We liked the idea of making our first album self-titled. We also couldnt decide and agree on a name.

What was the inspiration behind the albums cover?

Lauren Fahey is the artist for the album cover. We really like her style and the painting is of a building and street near where some of us live in Northcote so we thought it was a fitting image for the album.

All three of you sing together, what prompted this approach?

We like bands and songs from the 60s and 70s where each member sings and decided to take that approach with our songs. As a three-piece it also gives us more options in terms of how many instruments are playing at the same time etc.

You also swap your instruments around, how do you decide who plays what on each song?

Were actually all guitarists originally but mainly we stick to me (Matt) playing guitar, Stu on drums and David on Bass. In the past we swapped more often but these days we try and keep things

Do you ever listen to your own music?

 We listen to our own music when were trying out ideas and workshopping songs. We also listen to make sure we remember how they go and to fine tune them.

What other music do you listen to?

We all have varied eclectic tastes. Some artists were listening to at the moment are: Ainslie Wills, Stella Donnelly, Mac DeMarco, Tool, Yes, Elbow

What do you have planned once the album is out?

Were looking forward to playing some more shows and then focusing on a whole bunch of new songs we have in the works.

Check out the Good Minus’s website to find out more!