Pharmercy is the psychedelic rock project of solo artist Liam Turner. Having played in guitar bands in his early years, he has gone it along, playing all the instruments in his debut single ‘Entropy’ with an EP on the way!

Tomatrax caught up with the man behind Pharmercy to talk about the project.


When did you write your first song?

The first proper song I wrote was when I was 16, it’s a simple one but I still play it today, who know I might release it one day

Where did the name Pharmercy come from?

hahahaha so this is a bit of weird one. So there is this competitive video game called Overwatch that I have sunk a ridiculous amount of hours into, low key addicted to it. Any way there is this strategy in the game that involves these two charters that have great synergy together, they are called Phara and Mercy, so the overwatch community gave them the clever nickname “Pharmercy”. So there I was one night playing away playing as Phara with my Mercy companion and I had a gig coming up and I didn’t have a name yet. The organiser was asking what my stage name was so I panicked and said Pharmercy. People seemed to like it so it’s stuck ever since

What made you decide to use an alias rather than your name?

My name is kinda boring, It’s like could you imagine an announcer introducing us “And now welcome to the stage LIAM TURNER” pretty lame tbh hahaha

You’ve previously played in bands, how does performing solo compare with being in a band?

It has been the most creatively liberating thing that has happened to my music. Not having to convince three other people that there should be a bass solo with a big fat phaser over the whole track really promotes experimentation. However it can be lonely, I do miss the social aspect of being in a band but as far as the end product is concerned it has been way better for me.

You play all the instruments in your music, do you have a favourite instrument to play?

Definitely my 8 string guitar, that thing is a beast! So much fun to play. Whenever I’m at work I just daydream about being at home chugging away on it.

Is there any instrument you’ve always wanted to play are are yet to do so?

Piano for sure, it is such a versatile instrument especially in the digital age, if you have a midi keyboard you can do so much its crazy, very jealous of people who are good at it

You’ve been working on an EP, how has that been going?

It’s been good but it’s taking its sweet time. I’m very critical of the music I make so I’m constantly going back and re writing things. I started writing Entropy 4 years ago and I only just released that hahaha, but I promise its close

What will the EP be titled?


How will the rest of the EP compare with ‘Entropy’?

Each song is quite different in genre and vibe but I’ve tried to keep the narrative constant, hopefully if people listen to it from start to finish it will tell a greater story

What was the inspiration behind the video for ‘Entropy’?

It’s basically a direct recreation of the songs story, I was in a band for a long time with my best mate and I had a girlfriend at the time that I was very in love with, but unfortunately she cheated on me with him. So I lost My mate my girl and band in the same day. I guess the over arching theme is accepting things don’t last.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

I do but I listen to it in a critical way, I will render out my song at the end of night and listen to it through out the day taking note of what I didn’t like, then when I get home ill go about trying to fix it

What other music do you listen to?

Stevie Ray Vaughan is on constant rotation for me, his tone, passion and musicianship still give me goose bumps every single time I listen to him. Another big part of my library is Animals as Leaders, absolute guitar gods, they are my inspiration for getting an 8 string. The other big part of my listening time is dedicated to Sam Gellaitry, complete opposite of the music I make but I’d contest that he is one of the best musicals composers alive today. Lush synth design combined with insanely complex percussion with the perfect tone is something I can listen to on loop all day every day

What do you have planned once your EP is out?

No idea, I hope to be playing shows at that point but if nothing else music is my passion and my goal is to get as good at it as I possible can.


Check out Pharmercy’s website to find out more!