This is album number two from Belguim’s This Can Hurt. The music features a seamless fusion of grunge, prog-rock, rock, and electronic/trip hop creating a smooth sound that is full of energy and atmosphere, showing off all the good bits of each style. Like many emerging rock bands coming out of Belgium there is a certain familiarity, even a kind of feeling of nostalgia for those that grew up with 90s alternative rock in the sound. At the same time there is something new and exciting which is achieve because the various sounds and styles fit together so well. 

‘Hourglass’ provides an atmospheric rock anthem sounding somewhere between Alice In Chains and the Screaming Jets. The music bustles along with great energy and urgency.

‘Worlds apart’ is a more subdued and calmer experience with a faint electronic backdrop.

‘Fate’ Is a full on rock assault. The music blasts out with great intensity driven along by roaring guitar and some screams for good measure. 

High tide’ is a speedy electro rock tune sounding like a more upbeat version of Depech Mode. 

‘Rivers run deep’ Has a smooth lounge sound that gradually builds into a blast of grunge rock anthem reminiscent of Soundgarden or the Stone Temple Pilots. 

‘Illusion’ Lifts the intensity even further taking on a heavy hard core sound that barges through with a cool trip hop backdrop. 

Some days has a soft industrial / trip hop feel with occasional blasts of full on heavy rock, the two contrasts complementing each other brilliantly. 

‘Diane’ sees things go full metal, with a solid and intense industrial sound, reminiscent of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails. 

A lot of musical ground is covered across the 12 tracks. Some of which is covered concurrently, and all of it is pulled off with exceptional flair. With Worlds Apart, This Can Hurt have produced something that ticks all the nostalgic boxes while also offering something new!

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