Hailing from Geelong, Victoria, The Kite Machine sway from swirly and dreamlike soundscapes to tight grooves and twisted guitar licks on their latest single ‘Walls’. The band proves yet again that they are adept at taking listeners on a wild ride that takes one unexpected musical turn after another.

Tomatrax caught up with Levi Anderson, the band’s singer and guitarist, to ask a few questions.


How did the band form?

The band started with me forming a band to play my original music with a group of friends from a music course in Ballarat. Members have come and gone as the band was finding its identity but since 2015 when Kane and I were joined by bassist Liam Brennan, The Kite Machine’s path has never been surer and it’s identity as a band was realised. 


Where did the name The Kite Machine come from?

There is no real interesting story behind the name. It basically came from me putting words together that sounded cool and then seeing if that name was taken. The Kite Machine is what eventuated.


You’ve got your debut album coming out next month, how will the rest of the album compare with your first few singles?

There will definitely be some surprises. We released a rather diverse range of singles ranging from solo acoustic to almost electro rock but you’ll find something a little heavier, a little more progressive and even a little dancier once you spin the rest.

You’ve been together for 8 years, what made you decide now was the time to do a full length record?

We didn’t really decide now was the time necessarily, this record has been over two years in the making. It’s hard to choose when the right time is, sometimes you are at the mercy of time, how long production takes, film clips, PR schedules etc and you don’t want to rush any of it… This is just how it turned out.


What made you decide to make the album self titled?

Being it’s our first album this is a real introduction to the band. These are a collection of what we consider to be the best songs we’ve been playing for years as well as some newer tracks people haven’t heard yet. Up until this point these songs define what TKM is. 

We’ve had EPs in the past but nothing makes a real statement like a full length record and we want people to remember the name with that statement.

What is the music scene in Geelong like?

The scene in Geelong is looking real strong with a lot of quality local artists releasing new music this year. They’re booking tours and playing solid local shows and really building brands for themselves. It’s this kind of professional approach that is putting Geelong on the map, letting the world know that there are real, talented musos here that are worth taking notice of.


When writing what comes first the words or the music?

Music always comes first for us. We work tirelessly over the instrumental rhythms and how they work together, however Levi’s vocal melodies and rhythms are seen as an instrument that needs to work with the rest. Lyrical content is usually the last layer to the overall piece.


Do you ever listen to your own music?

Sure we do and yes we’ll turn it up if it comes on at a party. Our music is essentially the best bits of all the music we love and we’re proud of it.


What other music do you listen to?

Some favs are Biffy Clyro, Raconteurs, band of skulls, Tool, Cog, Mutemath, Wax Chattel, DZ Deathrays and of course Rage Against The Machine!


What do you have planned once the album is out?

We want to get straight into playing shows as soon as possible. We will have tour dates to release soon, hometown shows, Melbourne, Sydney, we want to push the album as far as we can.


Check out The Kite Machine’s website to find out more!