Mass Sky Raid are standing at the ‘Edge of the Unknown.’ Today they are announcing the release date and details for their brand new album ‘Science of Fiction.’

Gold Coast alternative/rock outfit Mass Sky Raid formed in 2011, releasing their debut EP ‘Courage Under Fire’ mid 2013 and then supporting high profile Australian bands including Dead Letter Circus and Twelve Foot Ninja as well as UK exports I Am Giant.

Vocalist for the band, Adam Lomas, describes the new record was “…inspired through each members desire to evolve and gain more understanding about themselves and to challenge their own ideas and concepts. Each song is a reflection of personal experiences which explore the struggles, sacrifices and feeling of alienation that can be faced in the search to live your dreams and create a world that gives your life true meaning and purpose. Through each sonic layer the music builds on these emotions and creates a platform for the listener to break free and find their own destiny.”

The “Edge of the Unknown” filmclip was Produced, Edited and Directed by Tyson Leith. The “Science of Fiction” record was Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Mathew Bartlem and engineered by Tyson Leith & Zachary Hylton.


Mass Sky Raid are now getting ready for their first full length album to release mid 2018 with huge anticipation.

Check out Mass Sky Raid’s website to find out more!