Having successfully staked their claim as one of the most savage live
bands in Melbourne, Horace Bones will now be taking their ravenous
live show all across this big brown land this coming May on their ‘Sex
Beast National Tour’.

Tomatrax caught up with Oisin, the band’s lead singer, to talk about their latest work!

It’s been two years since you were last featured on Tomatrax, what has changed since
Music wise we’ve certainly darkened and made an effort to write more unique songs. its
hard because in order to do it you have to try sidestepping common conventions which
is sort of taking away the safety net in a way but i think we’re coming up with songs
that are more true to us. maybe we’re maturing… though i doubt it.

You’ve just put out your latest single, what’s it like to have it out and available for
everyone to hear?
It’s a treat.this is the best song we’ve released to date in my opinion so im proud to
share it. there’s also a long hall between working on a song in rehearsal to recording
then releasing so i usually feel pretty relieved too.

What made you decide to write a song based on Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch’s 1870
novel, Venus In Furs?
I picked up the book because the song of the same name is one of my favorite Velvet
Underground songs. i found the book’s subject matter really intriguing, even more so
because Lou Reed obviously did too.
The novel documents a young couple exploring their roles of dominance and
subservience in their relationship which pretty quickly leads them to indulge in
sadomasochism. psychoanalysts actually derived the word masochist from the authors
name. fun fact there.

Have any other songs that you’ve written been inspired by books?
When writing lyrics I’ve definitely derived inspiration from books for a line here or there
but never written so directly about one book. that was actually part of the reasons i did
it, to try new ways to approaching writing a song.

What was the inspiration behind the video for ‘Rats’?
I personally didn’t have much to do the with that video. Our bass player Derny is a part
time actor and our drummer Christian is a mad horror movie buff so they were much
more qualified. i interpret it as a person dealing with the slow unset of insanity.

Are there any plans for a full length album?
We’re well underway writing the first album. once the tour for sex beast is done and
dusted the album will be our number one priority. the tour is a good chance to road test
some of the new material.

You’re about to embark on a tour around Australia, what can fans expect from your
They can expect to see us give every last surge of energy, every last drop of sweat and
every last shred of dignity left in our bodies, no matter what the night or place or time.
they can also expect one of us to try and pedal them a t-shirt.

You recently put up a Facebook post about poor behavior from certain people at a
recent gig of yours, do you think anti-social behaviour is becoming a serious issue on the gig
scene these days?
I’d heard about it but never really witnessed anything serious myself till that night. We
were disgusted and angry that an incident like that could occur at one of our shows. we
posted that statement to let people know that antisocial and malicious behaviour will
not be tolerated at our gigs. Our shows can get hectic, we like people to lose their
inhibitions and we want to make sure they’re safe to do so. Since then I’ve heard others
tell similar stories so it’s definitely a problem that has probably been around forever
that finally needs seeing to.

When writing what comes first, the words or the music?
It never really works the same way twice. the conception of a song can be really messy
because you’re just grabbing at things from thin air trying to make sense of them so it’s
hard to know where it starts because half the time you don’t know you’ve begun until
you’re well into it.

What do you have planned after your upcoming tour?
A long sleep followed by hot whiskeys and HSP’s. Then go out and write this elusive


Dates for the ‘Sex Beast National Tour’ are below. Check out Horace Bones’ website to find out more!

Friday May 4th – Byron Bay Brewery, Byron Bay NSW
Saturday May 5th – The Imperial Hotel, Eumundi QLD
Sunday May 6th – Bloodhound, Brisbane QLD
Friday, May11th – The Eastern, Ballarat VIC
Saturday May 12th – The Westernport, San Remo VIC
Sunday May 13th – Baha, Rye VIC
Friday May 18th – Music Man, Bendigo VIC
Saturday May19th – Old Bar, Melbourne VIC
Saturday, May 26th – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney NSW
Sunday May 27th – Rad Bar, Wollongong NSW
Friday June 1st – The Loft. Warrnambool VIC
Saturday June 2nd – The Metro, Adelaide SA