This far we have been looking at records spanning from when albums first came to be! For this next event we will be focusing solely on new music, and by new we mean anything released within this decade, that is the ’10s, or do we call it the teens? In fact has anyone actually determined that we call this decade, we really need to work that out given by the end of next year it will be over and we’ll start compiling the next round of “best of the decade” lists. Anyhow, here are the Top 10 Extended Players released from 2011 onward.


10th place
Ummagma – Frequency

9th place
Mogwai – Earth Division

8th place
Oathless and Good Weather for an airstrike – Sol

7th place
We Yes You No – Details

6th place
Suzie Stapleton – Obladi Diablo


5th place

Wren – Raw

4th place
Eliza Hull -Ghosts you never catch


Bronze medal

Rick Dangerous & the Silkie Bantams – Thrust machine

Silver medal
Postcode – Year of the zebra part 2

Gold medal
Lily Louise – Falling and the leaves that followed