With another international sporting event about to take place, Tomatrax is doing what is does best and jumping on the bandwagon! Over the next two weeks, countries from across the world will be competing in the Commonwealth Games, and so Tomatrax will be celebrating records from artists across the Commonwealth. There will be seven categories, featuring artists  across 12 Commonwealth Nations.

To kick things off, we will look at Extended Players, the “mini albums” that span somewhere between 10 and 35 minutes.

10th place
Fela Kuti – Confusion

9th place
Midnight Oil – Bird Noises

8th place
Liquid – Abdul’s Secret Movie

7th place
Godspeed you black emperor – Slow riot for New Zero Kanda

6th place
The Arcade Fire – The Arcade Fire

5th place
Mogwai – EP

4th place
Porcupine Tree – Staircase infinities

Bronze medal
Swervedriver – Rave Down

Silver Medal
Gelbison – Gelbison

Gold Medal
Ride – Today Forever