Coffin Torture cover.jpg


On February 16 2018 sludge/doom band Coffin Torture will unleash Dismal Planet. The album will be the first release on the newly formed UK based Sludgelord Records.

The band commented “We’re excited to have The Sludgelord unleash our first full-length album. Dismal Planet is coming soon. Prepare for filthy riff destruction! Cheers to Sludgelord Records!”

Label owner Aaron Pickford commented “In life you’re often given opportunities you don’t recognise cause it’s staring at you in the face and you need that push or that spark to get your ass in gear and motivate yourself do something that  makes total sense given the following we have already at the Sludgelord. I’ve toyed with that idea of setting up a digital label in the past but never got it off the ground, but by the luck of happenstance I was scrolling through Instagram and found COFFIN TORTURE.

I was immediately struck by the album art and the description of their music. The fact they’re a duo appealed to me. I love the dynamics of a two piece. Two individuals have to be symbiotic for it to work. Immediately I messaged my partner on this venture and said we gotta approach this band and here were are. The band were stoked on our vision and to be able to issue their new album with the Sludgelord name is one of my proudest moments.

Album embedded below. If you can’t see it click here!