‘Epilogue’ is the brand new album from the Isle of Man’s post-rock/instrumental act Nanaki.

Nanaki is the solo project of Michael Daugherty, guitarist of Tomatrax Top 100 winners of 2015 Postcode!

The album provides 6 post-rock sensational instrumental tracks. Ranging from 5 to 18 minutes, each track takes off on its own epic and atmospheric journey exploring elements of shoegaze, post-punk and slowcore in places. Mr Daugherty makes great use of his energetic guitar riffs to create heavy yet hypnotic soundscapes before shifting to a more keyboard focus in the  epic album-closer ‘Into The Afterlife’.

The album is embedded below, if you can’t see it click here.

‘Epilogue’ is the first of several releases planned for 2018 from Nanaki’s Michael Daugherty.

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