2017 is almost over, which means it’s time to compile the various best of lists for the past 12 months. Tomatrax has jumped on the bandwagon once again with the series of countdowns to occur over the next week.

To kick things off is the top 10 EPs of 2017, the collection of songs that band’s put out that aren’t quite long enough to be considered an album. Just in case you haven’t listened to every EP on the list in its entirety prior to now, they have all been linked here either through bandcamp, SoundCloud, or YouTube. So you can hear every song off all of the Top 10 EPs on this page, you


10. Majora – Aphotic

9. Bear Feathers – Hold down the feels

8. Gravemind – The death gate

7. Iluka – Blue my soul

6.  Kymberley Kennedy – Pacify

5. New Zero God – Under the influence of Captain Pan Ikatac

4. Linger – Tuple

3. Michael Cullen and the Soul Searchers – Live at Lazy Bones

2. The Omnific – Kismet


1. Rachel Mason – Das Ram