The Omnific are a new and innovative three piece from Melbourne. Comprising of two bass players and one drummer they bring out their own brand of instrumental prog rock. Their latest EP, Kismet, is due out later this month. Tomatrax caught up with Matt, one of the band’s bassists, to ask a few questions.

How did the band form?
There’s not really too much of a story behind it, I (Matt) asked Toby if I could demo one of my other band Blind Oracle’s tracks with him after I had seen various videos he’d posted online. The idea for doing a 2-bass track came from that, where we posted one a couple of weeks later which received a fair amount of attention online. The initial idea was never to do a band with it but it morphed into one after writing more tracks.

Where did the name The Omnific come from?
Literally just through a bunch of name researching and finding things that sounded nice and had some form of meaning, nothing special haha.

Where did you get the idea to play with two bass guitars?
Mainly because it hadn’t been done in the context we were planning to use 2 bass guitars in, and also the fact that we could both play bass on a similar level.

As your music is instrumental, how do you determine the song titles?
Mainly we just try find cool words that’s meaning somewhat loosely fits the track, not a complex process but can take ages to name some songs haha.

Have you ever considered adding vocals?
Not as a full time member but we’re definitely considering it for a track sometime in the future.

What made you pick ‘Kismet’ as the EP’s title track?
It was the track that I (Matt) wrote in hospital after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes to me personally it captures all the feelings and emotions you are feeling at the time. We also feel it captures the whole spectrum of elements that this band has.

What was the inspiration behind the EP’s cover?
We didn’t really have much input in the actual making of the art, but we saw the art on Bryan Shephard’s (Raining Brains) instagram profile and it stood out to us as artwork relating to Kismet.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
All the time haha, we try create something we love and want to listen to and then enjoy the product once it’s complete.

What other music do you listen to?
Each member of this band has a different music taste, ranging from death metal to pop. The music that most inspires me (Matt) personally for writing is bands like Polyphia/Erra and many pop artists too like James Blunt and Scott Helman for those tasteful melodies.

Now that the EP is out what do you plan on doing next?
We don’t have a whole lot planned in the sense of touring. We’d love to play shows around Australia but the Prog scene seems to be much harder to tap into that internationally, so we’ll see what comes.

Check out The Omnific’s Facebook page to find out more!