Former Hardheads and Watershed frontman Michael Cullen as assembled his new Soul Searching backing band to perform this emotionally charged cinematic experience. Performed in the art deco splendour of the Lazybones Lounge in Marrickville, an inner Western suburb of Sydney, the EP features 5 lives tracks, all taken from Michael Cullen’s second solo album True Believer.

The live performances do the songs great justice, with Mr Cullen’s emotionally charged charimia being the driving force that unleashes a new sense of life and an electrifying kind of soundscape.

The set opens with the brooding (Tomatrax Top 100 winning) ‘Black dog.’ The slow and dark sounds paint the perfectly bleak soundscape that sets the scene for the gig. Mr Cullen’s movement from “spoken word” to barotone vocals gives the song a massive emotional charge.

‘Nothing special’ brings about the sad tale of loss, delivered in a sharp tongued and facetious manner showing off Michael’s great dark sense of humour.

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‘Black coffee and cigarettes’ sees country and western meet post punk. The complementing melonchollic and bleak elements interact and amplify the feelings of loss and despair.

”Believer’ brings in the signs of reflection and hope for better things. The live version brings in an extra layer of atmosphere that provides a hypnotic yet energetic trance.

The EP closes with the slow and trippy ‘I walk alone’. The slow burning and roaring guitar provides the perfect shoegaze esq hazy atmosphere that carries you too in a fug of smoke before then disappearing.

This is a great live EP that sees all tracks take on an extra layer of atmosphere and an extra shot of energy. Mr Cullen has used his subtle charisma to create an electrifying yet hypnotic show! Here’s hoping there is more touring to come!

Check out Michael Cullen’s website to find out more!