Wild Meadows present ‘Feel the Noise’, the lead single from their forthcoming debut self-titled LP. A blend of pulsating noise-pop, psych-rock and shoegaze, the track is the first offering from Wild Meadows with this new lineup, with singer , guitarist Dylan Bird and drummer Simon Gemmill joining original members James Ross (guitar/vocals) and Donovan Pill (bass). Hailing from different corners of Australia and the world, the band’s current members came together in mid-2016 and immediately set about writing material for this new album – a follow-up to the band’s 2015 EP.

Tomatrax caught up with Jessica Lawrence to ask a few questions.

How did the band form?
It began years back when James and Donovan decided on starting the band, and morphed through a few phases of different names and bandmates. Dylan and I both joined just over a year ago. It’s amazing to be playing music with such ridiculously great lads.

Where did the name Wild Meadows come from?
Good question, I should really know this.

You’re just about to release your debut single, what’s it like having the track finished and ready to go?
It’s a really nice feeling to work at something we all care a lot about, and make it happen. We’re all pretty stoked to finally be able to share with everyone the music we’ve enjoyed writing and playing together over the past year.

What made you pick ‘Feel the noise’ as your debut single?
There’s something about that track that gets me, every time I listen to it I feel like I’m inside this bubble of warm floaty fuzzy goodness. It’s been a favourite amongst us since we wrote it. After a while of going back and forth between songs and getting feedback on which one we should release first, Feel The Noise just became the obvious choice.

You have an album coming out soon, how will the rest of the album compare with ‘Feel the noise’?
I think Feel The Noise captures our vibe really well, but the full album is more of a journey through various moods and feelings. Each song on the album is it’s own kind-of story, and they’re all a bit different.

What made you decide to make the album self titled?
It’s the first album we’ve put out together, and we all liked the idea of having a self-titled album. So then we were like “Cool, let’s self-title it.”

When will the album be released?
It’s set to be released in early 2018.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
I was addicted to listening to our tracks when we first received the final masters, it’s such a different way of hearing the music once it’s produced as opposed to the usual live setup and I heard the songs in an almost totally new way. I had to force myself to not listen too much to keep the music fresh as fresh can be!

What other music do you listen to?
A lot of different stuff. I find that listening to different styles of music regularly creates a nice balance and keeps the music fresh! Of course, I have a soft spot for psych rock & shoegaze. Smashing Pumpkins are one of my absolute favourite bands, each of their songs are just so damn good and timeless.

What do you have planned once your debut album is out?
Playing some shows and festivals, touring, more recording, and taking time to enjoy and appreciate everything. Looking forward to every minute of it!


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