This is the debut EP from Sydney’s Línger. With an abundance of feeling, colourful soundscapes, and vibrant atmosphere, this shows off an artist worth taking note of.

The EP shows off a vibrant collection of textures and sweet electro-pop vibes. There is a chilly earthy atmosphere felt across the tracks. This is topped off by Línger’s cold but beautiful vocals that are full of passion and feeling.

‘Avoid’ opens the album with an infusion of colourful sounds wafting about among each other creating a rich and delicate soundscape. This is topped off by Linger’s powerful vocals giving a chillingly beautiful feeling full of passion and emotion.  ‘Earthlike’ brings in a subtle electro-pop vibe that builds up energetically as the song progresses to have a heavier industrial feel. The beautiful vocals have a cold feel to them like the fog of an early winter’s morning, adding further colour to the song. ‘Seaway’ has a new-age feel to it, sounding like Robert Mills crossed with the Cranberries. There is a fresh chilled out vibe splashing across the sound like gentle waves, held together with a solid electronic tune in the background.

‘Flyon’ is a sensational new age / indie pop tune. There is some great energy exerted in a cool and chilled out manner. On top of this Linger’s beautifully powerful voice charge along giving the song immense power while also being claim and relaxing. ‘Downfall’ is a relatively stripped back and minimalist offering that delivers a beautiful yet tear-jerking close to the EP.

This is a beautiful EP showing off five heart felt songs that are full of energy and feeling providing a stunning yet chilling atmosphere from start to finish.

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