New York’s Rachel Mason has been described as being “among the most eclectic underground creative forces of our time.” This latest record is certantly a testament to that statement. This record showcases eight tracks that are bursting at the seams with colourful and unique creativity while at the same time containing all the elements of catchy pop tunes.

‘Roses’ is a curious yet gorgeous pop tune. There are some unusual electronic sounds floating about which are somehow packaged up in a slick poppy package full of colour and life.

‘Heat explodes’ is an energetic and quirky tune, driven along by cute piano sounds and charismatic vocals.

‘Sandstorm’ brings in a raw guitar sound creating a dusty atmosphere that roars on in a clam yet rocking manner. ‘Tigers in the dark’ sounds like Queen crossed with the Human League. There are some great rocking sounds splices seamlessly with some off-beat 80s-esq dance sounds. The result is something truly out there and utterly amazing. Ms Mason’s colourful voice adds a further dimension giving the song even more character.

‘Marry me’ is a deep and chilling song, slowly the music builds up an eerie atmosphere taking you through abandoned streets at night. ‘Queen bee’ is a curious mix of country and trip-hop. The various elements work brilliantly at creating a feeling of loneliness and isolation topped off with the lyrics “friends were never real friends’.

‘Cancer’ is an active and at times chaotic, dark offering with all manner of things going off at once creating a strange trippy experience. The record closes with the more harmonious and upbeat sounds of ‘Heaven’.

This is an amazing record full of wierd and wonderful sounds that are also slickly held together. Across the 8 tracks, a lush banquet and sounds and styles are explored and presented with dynamic flair! Rachel Mason finds and exploits the right balance between conventional pop tunes and musical eccentricity!


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