Asta burst onto the scene in 2012 winning Triple J’s Unearthed High competition with her brilliant indie rock tune ‘My heart is on fire’. Following a string of follow up singles and collaborations, this is Asta’s debut EP.

The EP is quite a departure from the Unearthed High winning ‘My heart is on fire’. The edgy and raw rocking energy Asta blasted onto the music scene with 5 years ago isn’t really here on this EP. Instead the EP takes on a more dancey / poppy sound. The results are a little hit and miss, there are some tracks that maintain Asta’s edge, sadly there are others that are manufactured to the point of sounding like run of the mill pop songs.

‘Doin’ what you want to’ is a lively piece that opens the EP nicely. There are some catchy tunes that move about in a smooth and colourful manner that will get you up and dancing.

‘Saturday night’ has some nice elements but on the whole feels forced and overproduced, making it sound generic and lacking the edginess that Asta has previously provided.

The title track is quite lively. The music dances around playfully and full of energy. Asta shows off her versatile vocals across the track taking on chilled and energetic styles effortlessly to match the soundtrack.

‘Not your girl’ brings out the strong emotions and passion while also achieving a slick poppy sound. Asta uses her powerful vocals to full effect to ensure the feelings of the lyrics are fully felt the whole way through.

‘Art of escape’ has some energy, however the eagerness to create a slick dance tune sucks out most of the emotion making it sound a little too sickly sweet and generic.

Overall this is an okay EP. There are certainly some gems to be found. But on the whole it falls short of Asta’s previous work.

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