This is the debut release from Newcastle pop rocking 5 piece the Treehouse Children. In just over a quarter of an hour, the band pack in 6 tracks full of energy, colour, and infectiously catchy tunes.

‘Woo’ is an upbeat and catchy indie pop tune reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys. There’s a lively vibe that flows on throughout as the track races along with high energy and an easy to remember chorus sing-a-long. The title track brings in a hint of ska into the mix. The tune rocks out in a tight and poppy fashion bringing out a heap of vibrancy and life!

‘The Treehouse Children’  is a more dreamy affair beginning with some chilled out shoegaze vibes that gradually build in energy to paint a fuzzy soundscape. ‘Grizzly bear’ is a tight offering that balances a fuzzy atmosphere with catchy and rocking riffs.

‘Lago’ is a colourful ska infused tune with a hint of Modest Mouse mixed in. There is a big sound that brings out a great brightness paired with a tight energy. The EP closes with the chaotic garage rock esq sounds of ‘You wouldn’t know.’

This is a great EP that packs in a heap of sounds and vibes, showing off some infectiously catchy tunes and some dreamy soundscapes!

Check out The Treehouse Children’s website to find out more!