We previously asked “what is the Deathgate?” The mystery has now been revealed, the gate opened and inside in the second release from Melbourne’s black metal outfit Gravemind. On offer are 6 intense and hard hitting metal tunes that don’t just pack a punch, more like several punches concurrently and perpetually!

There is certainly no holding back on this release as the band launch a full on attack from the work go delivering a non-stop barrage of hard hitting metal. This is topped off by powerful dry-lung growling vocals that bash their way through the intense noise without fail.

The EP takes no time at all to take off with the electrifying ‘Eschaton’ blasting things open packed with full of intensity raging about. The mix of harsh hitting thrashes, and slower eerie soundscapes creates a massive hypnotic experience!   The title track takes off in chaotic fashion reminiscent of Devin Townsend’s Infinity days. All manner of activity goes off creating an intense barrage of sharp and harsh sounds.

‘Echo’ smashes its way past with a mix of heavy, soaring riffs and thick low distortion. ‘Deadspace’ is a curious minute long offering that begins in a calm and chilled manner, almost like an intermission, before building up to a massive intensive outro. ‘Anaesthesia’ sees the band hit their intense climax, with everything thrashing out at phenomenal speed.

‘Human’ takes on a deep and dark soundscape while maintaining the fuzzy chaotic atmosphere.

This is one hard hitting record that doesn’t let up once. Each track blasts its way through with massive power and energy, backed with a solid heavy atmospheric soundscape.

Check out Gravemind’s website to find out more!