This is the debut EP from Brighton electro-punk outfit Bear Feathers. The four tracks show off some great gritty garage sounds backed with some deep and atmospheric electronic vibes!

‘In the midnight sun’ is a chilled out spacey tune sounding like a distant version of Phil Collins mixed with Sigur Ros. The music moves along in a slow and relaxed manner gradually building in depth taking on a spacey atmosphere. The distant echoing vocals add to the eerie and distant feeling. ‘Kids just wanna fall in love’ is something of a contrast, taking on a brighter and poppier exterior while still maintaining a chilled spacey vibe, sounding like an “early morning club” remix of the Pet Shop Boys.

‘Non-song’ is a two and half minute exploration in sounds. ‘My baby too’ closes the EP with a great flurry of energy with a big electro punk rock sound that achieves a cool dancey sound while also having a rough and raw feel to it.


This is a great EP showing off a vibrant atmosphere and energetic rocking sounds.

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