Vanilla Gorilla consists of 5 young dudes from the Mid North Coast of NSW, they all share a passion for the earth, creating art and music that they share ever so well with audiences all over. Vanilla Gorilla have just released their latest single ‘Rainbow Girl’. Tomatrax caught up with Jack, the band’s lead singer and guitarist, to ask a few questions.

Where did the name Vanilla Gorilla come from?
Olli’s dad came up with vanilla gorilla when we were really young and we all thought it was hell funny but funky and I guess it’s just stuck from there.

You’ve just released your latest single, how does it feel to have it out?
We are super stoked to release rainbow girl ! It is always a good feeling releasing new songs. We have had some really loving feedback and that just puts the biggest smiles on our faces.

Is ‘Rainbow Girl’ related to anyone in particular?
Nah no one in particular , In that aspect the song is just a reminder that if you keep doing your thing,stay positive and follow your soul then everything will work out fine and you will find that really bright rainbow girl or rainbow boy that you dream of.

What was the inspiration behind the single’s cover?
Ollis girlfriend ash did the art, I just gave her the name of the song and she gave us this and I don’t think it could of been anymore perfect she is amazing at what she does.

Are there any plans for an EP or LP?
Yeah We will definitely be releasing another Ep or Lp before the end of the year.

You’ve said how you don’t see each other much as some of you have moved away, how do you keep the band going while being a long distance from each other?
It has made it a little bit harder with the boys moving away but I feel we are still progressing fine the songs we play at the moment I feel as if we will all remember them for the rest of our lives we have played them that many times hahaha But yeah we still practice enough to keep everything fresh and keep chipping away at this new Ep also playing shows plays a big part.

What is the Newcastle music scene like?
The music scene in newcastle is pretty rad !! There are lots of cool cats playing a lot of the time we have met a bunch of heaps cool people just from the handful of shows we have played in newy yeah it is always a hell time.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Me personally yeah I do every now and then haha for me it’s almost like practicing , it keeps the structure of everything fresh in your mind and it is always good to sing along.

What other music do you listen to?
Listen to a lot of music haha the list goes on ! I’ll rattle some off for you though The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Van Morrison, Bob Marley – obviously all of the old greats that you just never get tired of listening too hahah, Matt Corby, The Cat Empire, Xavier Rudd, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Ocean Alley. Honesty, I could right pages ahhaha so I’ll stop there!

Now that the single is out what do you plan on doing next?
I guess, just play as many shows as we can and chip away at this new Ep! I would say we will be touring again with the release of that so that’s super exciting to look forward too. But other than that it’s a mystery, hahaha who knows??!!

Check out Vanilla Gorilla’s bandcamp page to find out more!