This is a heavy hitting EP with 5 electrifying metal tracks. The hazy almost grungy guitars create a thick and energetic atmosphere, while the mix of loud screens and melodic vocals give each song great character and emotion.

The EP smashes open with the high intensity industrial-esq ‘Recoil’. With elements of Fear Factory and Devon Townsend the track achieves massive energy and an intense atmosphere.

‘Alpha’ takes on a relatively softer and more melodic sound, while maintaining the heavy hard hitting soundscape. ‘Tied around’ takes things to a much darker place with the chilling use of echoes creating an abandoned and empty atmosphere. ‘Point of doubt’ brings in a slow but vivid atmosphere that drags you off things through deep dark caves. The EP closes with the softer and more emotionally charged ballad ‘Crying door’ acting as a kind of warm down to the brutal hart hitting that has occurred previously.

This is a great EP that sees Figures develop their sounds further covering heavy and intense metal sounds paired with softer atmospheric soundscapes.

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