This is the debut album from teenage English rocker Aaron Keylock. The album has all the elements of a great rock and roll album and wouldn’t look out of place along side the classics from the 70s. Across the tracks are elements of everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Pink Floyd, while adding his own twist into the mix.

‘All the right moves’ kicks things off with a massive surge of energy. Rocking along with great pace it has all the elements of a classic 70s rock track complete with the raw atmosphere that makes you feel like you are at a live show in a crowded bar.

‘Down’ continues the momentum with a cool country twang. ‘Falling in’ has a great blusey feel, with the roaring guitars bursting with energy. ‘Just one question’, the album’s longest song, brings in a cool Pink Floyd feel to it with the slow Gilmour-esq guitars creating a sweet prog rock vibe as the song rolls about in a chilled fashion. ‘Against the grain’ is a blusey guitar infused rock tune that races by with a raw and dusty atmosphere.

‘That’s not me’ brings in a indie/stoner rock sound reminiscent of the Spin Doctors. There is an upbeat and lively feel as the guitars bounce around. ‘Try’ is the album’s ballad. Rolling along in a slow and melancholy fashion it brings out some great chilled out vibes. ‘Sun’s gonna shine’ is a slow burning but electrifying rock tune that rages along with great power and gusto! The album winds down with the emotionally charged ‘No matter what the cost’.

This is a great rock album that is full of energy, vibrance and a lot of fun. As the debut release it creates great excitement for what’s to come!

Check out Aaron Keylock’s website to find out more!