Only forming in mid-2016, Regional Victoria’s MIRRORS have crafted their EP “FOOLS PARADISE” out of very heavy stuff indeed. The new single ‘TIE THE LACE’ is the second cut released by the four-piece and will be a part of the six-track release, due for release next month. Tomatrax caught up Patrick Goodman, the band’s lead singer, to ask a few questions.


How did the band form?

I was recording a solo project at the same place as tyson, and he was looking for someone to track vocals on his songs. we were happy with how the first track came out so we went from there.

Where did the name Mirror come from?
We were just looking for a simple name that’s easy to remember and mirrors just popped in our heads

You’re about to release your debut EP, what’s it like to have it finished?
It’s sick to finally have people hear our music. keen for shows now!

Where did the title Fool’s Paradise come from?
i just felt the lyrics in the ep tied into that title really well

What made you pick Tie the lace as the EP’s single?
We were pretty stoked with it and thought it would be the best to do a clip for.

You had guest vocals from Zach Britt (Dream On, Dreamer & Young Lions) and David Vernon (Belle Haven) how did these collaborations come about?
We thought Zacs voice would fit that chorus really well and tyson knows cal so he asked him. Around the time we recorded the ep i was getting vocal lessons with David and he liked the songs i showed him so i was lucky enough to get him to sing on bring me home

What is the music scene like in Gippsland?
There’s a little bit going on but for heavier bands really not much at all. There are a few younger bands coming through now though so hopefully we can contribute to the scene building back up.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Now its finished not as much. occasionally though haha
What other music do you listen to?
stick to your guns, trophie eyes,ocean grove architects, periphery, dvsr , volumes

What do you have planned once the EP is released?
We have a tour with a few bands interstate lined up and after that to just play a heap of shows!

The band’s debut EP, Fool’s paradise is due for release on 17 March. Check out Mirror’s Facebook page to find out more!