Iluka is back with another great collection of songs, ranging from bright poppy sing-a-longs to melancholic tear jerker but all full of vibrant imagery and life!

One great thing about Iluka’s music is the way she creates vivid atmospheres. Each track brings out great colours and textures that take you away. Another great thing is her strong and gutsy voice that is full of life and passion as she puts in every bit of emotion into her delivery.

‘Blue jean baby’ is a great energetic indie rock pop tune. The song races along with great colour and life and a great rocking vibe that would make this the perfect road trip sing-a-long. On top of this Iluka once again shows off her gutsy yet beautiful vocals that further add to the songs energetic charge!

‘Visions of Cody’ is a slower rock ballad style tune. The slow growling guitars give the song a great hazy atmosphere.

The title track is a much more melancholy offering. The music moves along in a slow and sombre way. Iluka’s vocals are full of passion with a sense of agony and stuggle felt in every word, climaxing at the end as she yells out “let it burn let it burn!”

‘The Fools’ is a stripped back blusey song, armed mainly with a piano the track provides a kind of calm following its emotional charged predecessor while still showing off a heap of feeling. ‘In the heat’ follows in a similar fashion, providing a bleak soundscape led by a heartbroken yet strong voice.

Iluka has continued to produce sensational music. With a mix of fast poppy sing-a-longs and slower sombre offerings this is a great mixed bag with each track shining very brightly!


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