Following up an EP and single released in 2015, Black Wedding returns with a brief but powerful 3-song EP. There is a great mix of intense industrial vibe and  cool 80s electro/rock, giving each song a curious chilling yet chilled out atmosphere.

‘Blackness’ is a deep dark industrial tune. Smashing along with a curious contrast of slow electronic drum beats and an 80s esq guitar the song brings out an uncanny energetic atmosphere sounding like Depech Mode remixed by Trent Reznor.



‘Model citizen’ has a heavy metal on mogadone feel to it. The intense and heavy sounds are delivered in a somewhat subdued manner as it slowly thrashes about. ‘Just a dream’ is a relatively brighter tune thats sees more colour and poppy sounds, accelerated by some cool New Order-esq drum beats creep in while possessing a chilling undertone.

This is a cool collection of songs with each track standing up strongly and possessing all manner of interesting sounds and ideas.


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