Supporting album number four since the original trio got back together (and album number 11 overall), J, Lou, and Murph have come down under to once again grace us with the loud jaggy lo fi sounds that the band have been major pioneers in for the past three decades. Thankfully for Brisbane, all three of the original trio were there (more on that below).

The show opened with New York based, Melbourne originated duo Luluc. Bringing in their special style of indie folk mixing soft acoustic and gritty droning guitars they acted as a great warm up for the epic noisy journey that followed.

Dinosaur Jr got stright into their set, stopping to draw breath on very few and far between occasions across the set. Not surprisingly J Mascis said very little, with maybe three occasions in the whole night where he said anything at all. In fact it was probably Lou Barlow who said the most when giving his speech about Murph’s arrival being delayed for some four days due to various paperwork issues which meant that up until tonight’s show Murph was absent.

What is truly amazing is that after all these years the band can still belt out some powerful rock and sound just as good now as they did back in the day. The shoegazey atmosphere, and grungy energy filled the Triffid the whole way though as the band blasted through a great mix of classics and newer offerings! The different approaches to playing was quite interesting to watch. Mr Mascis barely moved during the set, taking a few steps occasionally to get a drink or to have a different guitar handed to him every few songs. Nevertheless his guitar playing was on point the whole time, plucking all the amazing, genius sounds he’s been known for while looking like he’s not even trying! Mr Barlow on the over hand was bouncing around like a frog in a sock with surplus energy to burn. And Murph kept it all together with his tight and energetic beats.

The favourites all made their way into the set. ‘Get me’ was performed early with a slightly faster and more energetic approach than the original. ‘Feel the pain’ had a cruisey no-wave style introduction with a good dose of distortion leading into a much heavier and louder version of perhaps the band’s most poppy song. Classics ‘Start chopping’ and ‘Freak scene’ were great crowd pleases that got everyone jumping around while newer tunes such as ‘Watch the corners’ from 10and ‘knocked around’ showed without a doubt that the band still have the ability to write some amazing songs! The set finished up with the bands loud and heavy version of The Cure’s ‘Just like heaven’, ending with Lou’s raw yelling of “YOU!”

This was an awesome gig that provided every bit of nostalgia for those who grew up listening to this ear bleeding country music, while also showing the band are still going strong with no sign of stopping anytime soon.


The remaining shows on Dinosaur Jr’s ‘Give A Glimpse Of Summer’ Tour 2017′ are outlined below. Check out Dinosaur Jr’s website to find out more!

Sunday 15th January 2017
The Northern, Byron Bay NSW
Tickets $50.00 + bf from
and all Oztix outlets

Wednesday 18th January 2017
Capital, Perth WA
Tickets $60.00 + bf from
and all Oztix outlets

Thursday 19th January 2017
The Gov, Adelaide SA
Tickets $58.00 + bf from
and all Oztix outlets

Friday 20th January 2017
The Croxton, Melbourne VIC
Tickets $60.00 + bf from
and all Oztix outlets