We have now reached the final installment of the Tomatrax “best of” lists for 2016. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the music and have discovered some new favourite artists as a result. Be on the look out for the next volume of Tomatrax Unearthed picks which will be posted soon.


Now onto the top 10 songs of 2016…


10 Jess McAvoy – Curious




9 Rodney Cromwell – Fax message breakup


8 Rick Dangerous & the Silkie Bantams -Bruja


7 Pure Phase Ensemble 4 – Happy Dancing Woman


6 Steven Wilson – Happiness III


5 Ed Kuepper – Free passage to Mars

4 Babaganouj – Do rite by me tonite


3 They Might Be Giants – Bills Bills Bills

2 Sylviane – Ghost trapped in limbo

1 Clews – Feel