Russian 5 piece Jet Plane are back with another albums worth of vivid instrumental songs. The album brings forth a great collection of laid back rural pieces and loud alt rock tunes. The great thing about the music Jet Plane produce is it speaks for itself, figuratively of course but sometimes it almost sounds like they literally do. The guitars growl about at each other one moment before acting timid and vulnerable. Meanwhile the violins can either act as a peacekeeper or make things more tense depending on their mood.

The album fades in with the rural, earthy sounds of ‘Roots’. The music drifts along in a very slow and steady pace with the various elements gradually floating into the mix and increasing the depth. The song takes you off to a remote town in the early morning with the morning haze gradually lifting and the sun shining through to bring life to the day.


‘Under an atomic sky’ sees the music take on a rougher feel with a certain new age twist mixed in. The song charges along with some great slow energy and a smooth rocking vibe! ‘Voicegame’ sees things get rougher and rawer! The guitars growl away angrily reminiscent of the Cure’s early days. There is some great intensity achieved as well as some massive grunge outbursts! The length of the song allows the various ideas to be fully explored with some amazing soundscapes discovered as a result. ‘Days and light’ acts as an almost playful contrast, with the sounds lightly tapping away in a smooth calm manner creating quite a pleasant atmosphere. As the song progresses spacey sounds float in allowing you to drift off to somewhere far away. ‘I hate you too’ is an action packed alt-folk-rock tune. The shortest track on the album (by a long way) it acts almost like the album’s single. At the same time it manages to pack a heap of energy, activity, and vivid imagery, with all manner of beautiful sounds flowing through like a bustling river!


The album closes with the prog-rock Pink Floyd-esq ‘Via lactea’. Over the course of the song it flows from laid back folk sounds to hard and heavy rocking moments.

Jet Plane have produced yet another amazing record full of vivid atmosphere and moving sounds. There is a great range in sounds and styles with everything from soft and ambient vibes to heavy rocking blasts covered across (and often within) the songs. This is simply beautiful!


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