This is the fourth album from German black metallers Ctul presenting 8 tracks full of anger, despair, and hate!

One thing that is for sure is that Ctulu, don’t do things by half as all 8 tracks on offer blast though with massive raw power. Whether it be the slow droning atmospheric soundscapes or the hard and fast assaults each track packs a massive punch, showing no mercy whatsoever. The is a great balance between soft and slow and loud and fast, allowing the different extremes to be fully realised and providing the intense roller coaster style effect from start to finish. There is some sophisticated precision with the guitars thrashing out like a marching army, while at the same time creating a vivid and al encapsulating atmosphere.

The album opens with the slow thrashy sounds of ‘Serce krwawe’. The heavy droning guitars lull you into a hypnotic stage before gradually speeding up at the end. ‘Treibjagd’ blast out with great speed and energy. Racing by in a manner reminiscent of Strapping Young Lad the song soon has you head banging yourself silly!

‘Totenhauswinde’ continues the raging destruction, blasting everything in its way while also having a subtle Dick Dale feel amongst the riffs. ‘Rozgoryczona, rozczarowana, a gotowa na wszystko’ is the most restrained track on the album. The slow and steady rhythm drags you through the deep dark and rough caves with a certain raw intensity. ‘Heerfuhrer der Herronlosen’ picks up the pace as it thrashes about with a certain precision. ‘Dmmerung’ continues the charge and then some, starting out in a rough and ready fashion it gradually works its way into a great hard rock anthem. ‘Von Mondeswachtern und Menschveerachtern’ is perhaps the fastest and most intense tune on offer, with all members raging away like mad! The fast and furious sounds of ‘Die Ariadne von R’lyeh’ closes the album out ensuring it ends with a massive blast!

This is a brilliant album full of energy, power, and vivid atmosphere, moving between soft and heavy sounds creating an epic journey along the way.

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