This is the debut release from Canberra’s punk rocking ladies Glitoris. The band take the punk rock sound to the absolute extreme and them some! Each track is rough, raw, and rocking with all members putting in tons of irreverent passion.

‘Paradise’ is a rough and ready rocking and racing pop tune reminiscent of The Donnas or the 5 6 7 8s. ‘Disgrace’ is a heavier rocking offering. Led by a low growing guitar and complemented with some passionate sing-a-long harmonies, the track has a great slow burning charm to it. ‘Off with their heads’ is an interesting mix of loud guitars and a heap of chanting followed by an epic drum solo. The EP closes with the raging sounds of ‘Pole’, showing off some epic rocking jams, stopping every so often for some loud chants.

This is a rocking EP that shows a lot of promise. It captures the raw punk rock atmosphere brilliantly, and above all, it’s a lot of fun!

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