Rodney Cromwell has returned with single number three from his vintage synth led album Age of anxiety.

Apparently the title was inspired by Phil Collins’ infamous split with his second wife. Thankfully that is where the connections to Phil Collins start and finish as the dark and unnerving tune feels more like the 21st century’s answer to ‘Love will tear us apart’. The deep beats and chilling keyboards create a sombre atmosphere full of agony and despair. The dreary agonising chorus lines of “I can’t do this anymore, I don’t know what it’s for” complete the deep feeling of desperation and despair.

The Hologram Teen remix sees the vocals removed and replaced with some trip hoppy samples. This gives the song a new edge and allows for the feelings created from the music to be explored a little more. Chris Frain’s remix of ‘Baby Robot’ sees the track sped up with some energetic drum beats charing the music along. It feels like there is an extra shot of life injected into the sound as song bounces around vibrantly. AUW’s Obsessive Perfection Remix of ‘Fax message breakup’ sees things become even more chilling with a darker atmosphere and some additional confronting synth sounds. This makes the remix work like a classic 12″ single version. The EP opens with a beautiful remix of Cassiopeia courtesy of the Leaf Library. The mix of guitars and soft ambient textures create a bright, colourful, and yet calm soundscape.

Mr Cromwell has kept the Age of Anxiety fire burning strong with this latest single. The EP offers some great remixes, each providing an interesting re-interpretation of tracks from the latest record.

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