The latest 5in5 offering comes from the artist Koyl. This time round the five tracks represent the five fingers on one’s hand. However there appears to be some uncertainty around whether they are from the same hand or whether they are from dead men stitched together to tell tales of angst & woe. The dark and chilling atmosphere explored over the 5 minute duration suggests the playability that it might be the later as there is certanly a lot of angst & a reasonable serving of woe put into this release.

‘Verses’ is a slow dark piece, rolling along in a cold and chilling fashion it feels like the background soundtrack to one of the darker Grimm Brothers’ tales. ‘Pulling the trigger’ continues the theme, bringing in a twang lapsteel sound there is a certain sense of ‘Deliverance’ floating through the song. ‘Flipping the bird’ is a slow and eerie tune, sounding like a haunted church at night. ‘La corde au cou’ is a 40 second, blink and you’ll miss it, droning spacey tune. ‘Yabitsume’ closes the EP in a contrasting bright and chirpy sound. Reminiscent of 80s video games it dances around playfully with great bright sounds.

This is another interesting and innovative 5in5 EP that puts experimentation to good use and manages to paint a dark yet vivid soundscape all within a tiny timeframe.

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