Steve ‘Noshie’ Nash is a middle-of-the-Irish Sea-based singer songwriter, generally known as bass guitarist and occasional vocalist in Isle of Man based band Maldune. After considering it for many years, Mr Nash has put out his debut solo record.

The album has a minimalist sound to it with vocals and guitars being the main elements throughout. This creates a cool laid back vibe that is complemented by Steve Nash’s calm yet strong vocals. There are various waves of emotions explored across the tracks with the music moving along from catchy and upbeat feel good tunes to slower melancholic offerings. Each is pulled off with great colour and life.
The title track opens the album with great colour and sunshine and the music bounces around in an upbeat way. ‘Maybe’ has a slight tearjerker feel to it. The music moves in a slow fashion led by Steve’s calm yet melancholic vocals creating a powerfully emotional piece. ‘In my mind’ is a faster paced pop/rock tune with elements of the Go-Betweens and early Church in the background.

‘If I feel’ is a cold heartbreaking song, exploring pain, regret, and the feeling of emptiness. The lyrics, delivered in a soft duel vocal delivery ensure the song is packed with emotion. ‘Wishing my life away’ is a major contrast, showing off a carefree and lax feel, reminiscent of the Wonderstuff. ‘Moving on today’ is the great optimistic, “better things ahead” offering. Fast paced and upbeat it provides a glamour of hope following the previous heartbreaking experiences. The album closes with the emotional bombshell ‘Sorry’. Led by a deep dark piano it finishes the album in a bleak note while still holding a slight ray of optimism for the future.
This is a lovely collection of songs sobering everything from bright poppy textures to cold dark moments. All of this is held together with calm and charming tunes, and clever, sharp witted lyrics, ensuring a flurry of vibrant colours the whole way through.

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