The Pepersplum are a rock and roll outfit consisting of two sisters from Mexico. Following from four album releases the sisters’ most recent single sees two versions of the one song. Tomatrax caught up with the band to ask a few questions.

What inspired you to form a band together?
Sussie: Hi, first of all thanks for this time to the Peppersplum, well you know we always wanted to sing, dance, perform… and have an act and take our voices to all the posible places.
Marie: We always liked the same music, and have that desire of being in a band, was like
“Sussie know what? I like to be in a band”, and she said “No way… me too!”
So we both said “What are we waiting for? Let’s do it right away.”

What’s it like to make music with your sister?
Marie: I was born next to my best friend, so i don’t know what it’s feel to be alone, when you choose a partner to do music you have to chose right as you’ll be spending lots of time with them, and what a better choise than your best friend that happen to be your sister too, it’s just fine.
Sussie: It’s just great to have such a person who fits lots of rolls sister, partner, music companion, best friend and make music with her just flow like the thing to do.

Where did the name The Pepersplum come from?
Sussie: Well we wanted to show all the mixtures we have, we first thought of just peppers but there are lots of peppers lol.
Marie: So we came out with a name that would sugget a combination of sweet and spicy that’s fits with the
music, the emotions, the feelings.

You’ve put out 4 albums so far, is it hard to keep coming up with new material?
Marie: No, not till this moment, so far so good!
Sussie: Not coming up with new stuff, our minds are full of tunes, the hard thing is we’d like to keep on the good work.

Your latest release features two versions of the same song, how did this idea come about?
Marie: We always be more rock girls, but also have listened Dance, Soul and Rhythm and blues music, so one day we listen REM singing Gloria Gaynor’s I will survive, and we liked to show our vission, the emotions of the same song.
Sussie: Yes we thought, what if this song was on dance? The feeling is totally different, is having two different feelings linked by the same words. We always liked to play around and mix and experiment. In the previous album we included a track in another languague (French), we like to push ourselves to new boundaries.

When coming up with this song was it always going to have two versions or did this come about later?
Sussie: No, from the beginning the main idea was to do an album of dance music, but without forgetting the rock version as we are more rock, we love to do rock music, but we wanted to let us include if possible, other layers to our music, and it come out just fine.
Marie: Yes we wanted to show our musical tastes, also we liked to test ourselves- we like that kind of music- so show to ourselves we could write some good tunes in dance

Are there any other versions recorded?
Marie: No, just dance and rock.
Sussie: Yes two version are enough for now.

Are there any plans to take this approach again?
Sussie: We are recording a whole album with 11 dance songs and their counter part in rock
Marie: Though, the surprise is that three or four songs won’t have rock version, as well some rock ones won’t have dance version. These ones will be unique.

What’s the music scene in Mexico like?
Marie: We listen music in our own playlist so we hardly know what’s outside, sometimes it comes late to us.
Sussie: Yes if we like today we can listen classical, or country it depends of our moods. We can’t really say what’s the music scene in anywhere.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Sussie: Some people would say they can’t see or listen to their own work, but we do because we are very critical of our own work, and yes we do it
Marie: Yes, if there’s some stuff we don’t like, would be hardly to be finished.

What other music do you listen to?
Marie: Mainly what we like that is rock from any decade, mostly, 50s, 60s, and 70s, but we like a very
wide sort of music Frank Sinatra, classical music, country, soul, dance.
Sussie: Yes, big bands music, also mowtown, rhythm and blues, We enjoy any kind of music.
Now that your album is out what do you plan on doing next?
Sussie: We’d love to take it to all the posible places, we think a concert is a party where all have to have
fun so Let’s party!
Marie: We’d love the world take a listen to this work, that was done conscientiously and with care.

Both: Before we end we like to thanks again for this interview and hope we could see everyone in a party.

Check out The Pepersplum’s Facebook page to find out more!