This is one of the most adventurous electro dance EPs around. In each track the band manage to bring in strong contrasting vibes and feelings in that not only work but feel smooth and effortless. There is a curious chilled out ambient feeling felt throughout, while at the same time there are some great energetic beats pumping though, the two working together to create a smooth and seamless paradox.

‘Crystal Pylon’ is a curious spacey adventure. Mixing chilled out vibes with an energetic drum beat the music sets you off on a weird and wonderful journey into intergalactic exploration.

‘Knockemdub’ brings in some cool reggae sounds, mixed with some darker industrial vibes in the background. The two work together to create a compelling and gritty atmosphere that drags you along the footpath, while also having a smooth groovy feel about it.


‘User’ is a curious dance tune that is lively and energetic with all manner of sounds going on, while at the same time it achieves an almost ambient like smooth and laid back atmosphere.


‘Half moon lane glitter’ sees curious beats come in thick and fast, racing along with great speed. The variance of sounds creates a vibrant and colourful soundscape while almost having a curious dark and chilling backdrop.

This is a magnificent EP full of colourful soundscapes and energetic beats. In the four tracks on offer Rude Audio show off their varied ability to create interesting electronic sounds with plenty of feeling!

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