Camp Cope will be part of a star line up for the after party of the Age Music Awards 2016. Tomatrax caught up with Sarah Thompson from the band to ask a few questions.

How did the band form?

Camp Cope formed off the back of georgia growing tired of playing solo. Georgia & I had been friends for a while and she found out I had a drum kit. It all went from there pretty quickly after we met Kelly getting a home job tattoo on a friends kitchen table…

Where did the name Camp Cope come from?

Camp Cope is a play on words from Kelly’s old stomping ground of Camp Cove in Sydney.

What made you decide to make your most recent album self titled?

I have no idea actually? I guess if you’re going to do a self titled you may as well get it out of the way first up!

Who is on the front cover of your latest album?

The front cover is Georgia as a toddler. She fell over holding glass and cut herself open pretty badly. We wanted to use the image because it shows someone smiling through something terrible. I guess that can be translated to a lot of every day things.

Pitchfork described your album as being about shame, do you think that’s an apt description?

Ummm… I wouldn’t necessarily say shame. I’m not sure though, lyrics are so personal. I like to think people can read what they want out of what we’ve written and make it about their own situation.

You’ll be playing at the after party Age Music Victoria Awards, what can be expected from your show?

No set list / sparkly guitars / clean hair / terrible banter.

Is there anyone at the Awards night to the after party you’ll be looking forward to seeing?

We are pretty excitable. We’re always stoked to talk to anyone that’ll talk to us. The All-Star band looks cool as hell too. That’s gonna be fun.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Not if i can help it! I hear it enough ha! I’ve been in a few awkward situations though when it’s been playing somewhere that i’m hanging out. That’s generally time to disappear to the bathroom.

What music do you listen to?

We all have pretty varied taste. I work in music so i’m constantly listening to new bands and new albums, especially Australian stuff. We just finished a tour with our friends Cayetana from Philly, and they slipped me their new recordings so i’ve pretty much been listening to that non stop since (spoiler alert: it’s awesome).

What do you have planned after the upcoming set at the Age Music Victoria Awards?

Lots of touring. A little bit of recording. Exciting things I can’t tell you about yet.

Camp Cope will be playing at the Age Music Victoria Awards’ after party, check out the webpage to find out more. You can also check out Camp Cope’s Facebook page.