Mugzy is an up and coming hip-hop artist from Sydney. Three years after the release of his second album, Unever stand me, he is planning to return to the studio for album number three. Tomatrax caught up with Mugzy to talk about his music.

What inspired you to become a hip hop artist?
Well my brother who is 2yrs younger than me introduced me to Hip Hop music
When we were kids he had all these burnt CDs of Artists such as “Eminem, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes even the likes of Bow Wow haha” and they were on loop constantly playin daily through-out the house

Fast Forward to 05 i think i was 14 at the time so yr8 of High School i use to get punked & bullied alot which cause me to have suicidal depression
Through-out that year i got myself an Ipod and started listening to artists such as Eminem (Bein a whiteboi myself)
His aggression/lyrics just gave me a voice to fight back like this voice in my head sayin (Don’t take no sh** anymore)
I was so attached with Eminem’s music that it made me start listening to more artists such as Tupac, 50 Cent etc etc and they kinda developed me into a different person

Later on down the road i knew i was never good at school so instead of doing my work i would drop some small rhymes in my book but i knew if i wanted to progress at this i would have to write full songs
Also i knew if i wanted to be known or respected by the general hip hop community who loves it as much as i do then i would have to do my homework take a trip back in time where it all started in the 70s of South Bronx and learn bit by bit
Cut a long story short from having those influences on my Ipod and dropping down those rhymes in my work book its led me to Release 2 albums (Hopefully working on a 3rd), Radio Play/Magazine Features WORLDWIDE, 13k & OVER fan base WORLDWIDE, Tone of Acting Roles, and BEST of all meet & greets with celebs/idols i thought id never meet in my LIFE on this Earth

Hip-Hop changed my life completely I’ll rep it till the day i die i love it to much…..Saved my life

When did you write your first song?
When i started writing rhymes for the first time it was in the early 00s
so you had the likes of 50 cent & G-UNIT coming out and they were HUGE everyone wanted to be like 50 with living that whole gangsta-life rockin (the du-rag, wife beater singlet, baseball cap, g-unit jumper)
“Let me tell ya there were alot of wiggers walkin around an sadly i was one of them haha”
So my first ever rap song i wrote was tilted “Bang Bang Bang” and it’s the first track on my album Ride Or Die
I think from the title you can understand what its about

Where did the name Mugzy come from?
Well when i was starting off i use to do Gangsta Rap i would write down lyrics about Shootin Guns, Drugs, Gangs all that type of stuff even though it wasnt my life
I think it was because of the early 00s it was such a cool image
Like we had G-Unit who just came out and everyone wanted to be like 50 with rockin the Du-Rag, Baseball Cap, Basketball Jersey the whole lot (Yes i rocked that back in the day i was Wigger-Out)
My first Rap-Name was Ryder-Reyne like my real name is Reyne Brady as in rain but spelt diff (Sounds corny as f***) so yeah i started with that

One Night i was watchin the comedy movie Soul Plane with Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart & Method Man
Method Man’s character was a layed back funny/qwerky sorta guy called Muggsy

As i was watchin the movie i thought (wow his character is a lot like me)
when the credits rolled up i checked out the name and thought (hmm instead of spellin it the same how about i use one G and switch the S to a Z so it comes out Mugzy) and it just clicked

Hopefully later on down the road of my career i meet Method Man so i can tell him that story haha
What made you choose an alias rather than your name?
Well my real name is Reyne as in rain but spelt different
I was never fond of it to begin with (idk what my parents were thinkin naming me that haha) even though everyone loves it I CANT STAND IT lol

Before i created Mugzy and became so invested in the hip hop culture…When i was just Reyne i was shy an use to get walked all over ALOT (a nobody) so when i created Mugzy it was this clean sleak/NEW face to start fresh and it worked

Now in my town on The Coast if people mention hip hop they instantly refer to me
Its a good thing
You put an album out three years ago, are there any plans for a follow up in the near future?
I am actually and i want to get back into the studio ASAP

My 2nd album (Understand Me) released in 2013 so its been 3yrs since ive released anything ive kinda been slackin on music an getting into alot of acting
But i miss music sooo much so ive got a tone of work to do

At the moment i have a TONE of beats on my ipod
most are other peoples instrumentals but when i sit back an listen to them i can hear them sounding like masterpieces
so when the time comes ill figure out how to use them

Also for my 3rd album i want to do a 2disk an pile as much music/craft out as possible

Cant wait its gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster

You’ve said in your bio how you’d like to collaborate with other artists, are there any potential collaborations coming up?
Yeah hopefully in the future
At the moment i’m in talks with getting some HUGE collabs such as (Solomon Childs, J-Wess, Masta Ace, Slo Down, RedMan) Ive got them on fb/twitter just have to hit them up to see if their down haha

When writing what comes first, the words or the music?
I always start with the title of the track
then it just comes naturally it legit floods out

Do you ever listen to your own music?
My first album Ride Or Die is soo WACK it was legit Wigger Sh** so no i cant listen to that album anymore
That album is an abomination lol just knowing that was my first input in the Aussie hip hop game (uhhh…oh well its a learning kerb)

My 2nd album “Understand Me” is a JAM some tracks on it are complete BANGAZ
Songs like
Grubbin Out
Can’t Stop Us Feat. Pablo
My Journey
I love performing them LIVE

I have alot of instrumentals ready to write/record to for this 3rd release and i reckon its going to be my best work yet
Some instrumentals sound legit like HITS to me when i invision it
lets just hope it blasts ya eardrums cause im ready to bring this bad boy OUT

What music do you listen to?
Bit of everything really
my FAV TIMELINE of music (SPECIALLY HIP HOP) is 90s & 00s

If you check out my ipod LEGIT thats what its filled with haha
Those 2 generations had the BEST Lyrics/Beats by FAAAR

Todays music i havnt came across anything i like yet 😦

What do you have planned for the rest of 2016?
Just keep doin ME 😉

Writing Rhymes (Working for 3rd Album)
>Hustlin/Grindin daily
buildin an buildin anyway i can to make this dream come true

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