Melbourne’s alt-country four piece Amarillo have followed up their critically acclaimed single ‘All I can see’ with an album’s worth of soft, laid back, tunes!

According to the bio, the album was written mostly on the road; in motel rooms across the top end, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. The location of the writing has transferred to the sound perfectly as each track gives off a rural outback feeling that will take you somewhere far away! There is a great mix of chilled out country sounds and soft beautiful vocals that paint a vibrant rural soundscape.

‘All I can see’ slowly drifts in like a ray of sunshine working its way into a room at the crack of dawn. The simple acoustic arrangements create a beautifully colourful soundscape that is soft yet vivid. The softly delivered vocals finish off the chilled, rural vibe nicely.

‘Lemonade’ continues the laid back vibe and takes things to and even more chilled out place. The song rolls along softly, transporting you off to a small rural town.
‘Life was a song’ is a soft earthy folk tune. The tunes bring out great colour while also presenting a strong melancholic feeling. The soft yet powerful vocals add to the vivid atmosphere while also giving the song even greater feeling.
‘Congratulations’ is a gorgeous alt-country offering. The subtle twangs give the song a great dusty atmosphere.

‘Look at you baby’ is the most lively and energetic tune. Reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, the sound bounces around with a great poppy vibe.
The album closes with the cold and dark sounds of ‘Boating’. The simple sounds create a dark, and unnerving atmosphere, while the beautiful breathy vocals put in every last bit of emotion to finish the album off brilliantly!

This is a wonderful collection of colourful songs that paint a vibrant soundscape and takes you off on a great journey through the country.

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