The Honey brothers are back with another Damn Robot effort. This EP retains much of the relaxed ambience that Damn Robot have been known for. However, there is something quite new and different here. There is a new kind of activity as the songs branch out to take on more rocking/poppy vibes, and a greater use of vocals. This gives the EP a great unpredictability to it as the songs take on strange twists and turns that are really quite exiting. In some cases it’s almost as it they intended to catch everyone “napping” and taking them by surprise!

‘Fusion Chamberlain’ starts out in a deceptively calm manner with the soothing ambience floating through like mist in the morning and some causal vocal samples added into the background. Then when you least expect it, it rocks out in great indie pop style, taking on a life and energy that is quite foreign to Damn Robot or any project involving Tom Honey for that matter, but fits very well. ‘There’s that word again’ has a kind of Mike Oldfield / Robert Mills feel to it. There is a nice spacey new age atmosphere that flows in and fills the room making everything feel chilled and calm. At the same time the combination of the melancholic piano, chaotic electric drum beats, and faint vocals, gives the song great energy full of vibrant colours and life. As the song reaches its second half it gives your ears a great arse kicking with a blast of Sonic Youth-esq distorted rage forcing its way through the speakers! ‘It’s not finished, it’s finished’ flows back and forth between soft and pretty piano sounds and a grungy trip-hop anthem. The two work together well with the contrasting vibes allowing each to be fully appreciated before then gradually weaving in together to create a phenomenal hybrid that closes the EP beautifully.

This is something quite new and different from Damn Robot that sees them take on great rocking sounds to a much bigger degree. At the same time they have maintained the great chilled out ambient atmosphere they have been known for. The mix of heavy sounds and chilled vibes provide one massive hypnotic wall of sound that will make you drift off to somewhere far away!

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