Silber’s 5in5 series is back with another action packed and unique release. This EP sees two artists living a couple thousand miles away from each other who’ve never met in person with very different approaches to music collaborate. Mark Bishop (Bronze Eye) from San Francisco and LD Beghtol  currently living in New York Have teamed up for this amazing experimental EP.

‘Neoplasticism and Degradation’ is a dark acapella style tune, led by deep vocals and very minimal background sounds it paints a dark soundscape. Ideation sounds like the evil twin of ‘Puff the magic dragon’. With a bright poppy tunes up against a rather dark backdrop it is quite an intriguing offering. ‘The sword of my dreams’ sounds like a more experimental version of Beck. There are muffled vocals and a curious psychedelic soundscape creating something quite intriguing. Mortality Salience is a curious mix of samples and sounds while ‘From ‘A Haunted House’’ feels like the soundtrack of some of the darker tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Of course this is a “5in5” EP and the duo certainly manage to cram a heap of amazing sounds into this small space. The trouble was I kept found myself wanting more as all 5 tracks could have been expanded to be several minutes long and would have seemed far more fulfilling. Nevertheless this is quite a strangely beautiful collection of sounds!

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