Electronic music producer and DJ from Sydney, Australia, Kuosa has just released his latest single ‘One Night (feat. HAYLEY)’. Tomatrax caught up with Kuosa to ask a few questions.

What inspired you to become a musician / music producer?
Music was always the perfect escape for me, growing up I played guitar in several bands and was inspired by everything from Punk to Pop. I began producing after hearing producers like Max Martin and Rick Ruben, they always had the cleanest and biggest sounds no matter what genre they worked in and wanted to be able to make my music sound as good! Discovering the different sounds on offer through electronic production was definitely eye opening, I was able to create music on my own without needing much else besides a laptop and some headphones which sounds cliche’ but that how my story goes.

Where did the name Kuosa come from?
It come from someone I meet whilst traveling – She lived in a town called Kuosa which is in Finland and years later I was trying to think of a name to release music under and randomly found a photo of her, I remembered the name of where she was from and the word reminded me of good times and stuck… It’s funny, it reminds me of Summer as I was in Asia when I meet her, but being Finland it’s probably covered in snow most of the year…

What made you decide to use an alias rather than your name?

Well it turns out that there’s quite a few Josh Browns making music so wanted to have something to set myself apart. It just made sense.

Your latest single covers R&B and club/pop elements what inspired you to take that musical direction?

It wasn’t really a planned direction to take, I more so just want to make music that I like listening to and love making… it’s maybe why so many influences of different genres can be heard in my music. I just want to make music that represents me and what I love.

Are there any other musical styles you’ve wanted to explore but are yet to do so?

Well not exactly, I never quite know where my music will take me… I’m influenced by new music and different styles every day but I don’t think i’ll ever be one to sit down and say today is the day I try this particular style. Writing music for me is almost a mindless process, It just happens.

Are there any musical styles you’d never touch?

No. I often produce and help other artist from all different genres and I don’t think I’d ever say no because they write a certain style – good music is good music.

Your last few singles have featured guest appearances, is it hard to get people to perform on your songs?

Yes it is hard a times and I have sent a lot of unanswered emails that’s for sure… I think it’s just a process though, there’s so many ways to find new artist and vocalist these days and often for me it’s by chance, I’ll take note of singers on youtube, or on Facebook posting cover songs, or even someone singing covers at the local pub and hit them up when I am looking for vocalist and it all tends to fall in place…


Are there any plans to sing on any of your songs?

Yes maybe in the future, my songs tend to come from me sitting around playing guitar where I always have lyrics and melody ideas for vocals…In saying that singing is not my strongest skill so it feels natural having guest vocalist come in, a strong vocalist can add a whole new sense of emotion to a song and I’ve always appreciated that!

Do you ever listen to your own music?

During the writing process I listen a lot – I’ll put demo’s I’m working on in my phone and will drive around listening for ideas and changes I could make, singing the vocal ideas I have. But once a song is released I tend to move on, I do play all music at my shows most weeks so always hear them and on accessions I will have a random listen at home…

What music do you listen to?

Literally everything, I do listen to a lot of Pop, R&B and Dance music, but I’ve got everything from punk and jazz to classical in my collection… At the moment I’m loving Brand New’s new music and the new Avalanches album and last week it was Drake and Mike Posner… It changes constantly !!!

Now that your single is out what do you plan on doing next?

I’m already writing new music to follow this single up with, I’ve actually just finished up a few days in the studio with a new vocalist so keeping busy with that and doing a lot of gigs through out Sydney and the east coast. Also trying to plan some more shows around Australia and Internationally too.

Check out Kuosa’s Facebook page to find out more!