s o u L O f m y S h o E s is a solo artist project born in January 2010 produced by Davide and some willing friends. This is one of two EPs released simultaneously showing off a nice blend of raw acoustic indie sounds and chilled out eletronica.

‘Universe’ is a dreamy indie rock tune. Soft and minimalist, the raw and hazy sounds paint a vibrant and sunny soundscape that is complemented by the chilled but strong vocals.

‘Attese’ has a electronic sound to it, reminiscent of the Postal Service. The cute electronic tunes bounce around in a slow but playful manner to create a bright and endearing experience.

‘Pins and needles’ is a laid back acoustic offering. The soft but rough sounds paint a vivid earthy atmosphere that closes the single off nicely.



This is a very nice, if brief, collection of indie/electronic tunes. Across the three tracks is a nice poppy feel backed up by a vibrant earthy soundscapes making for a very lovely experience.

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