For those that blinked and missed it first time round, Brisbane’s Osaka punch have re-released their most recent album. This is good news as those that couldn’t make that one show way back when can now experience the wonderful craziness that is the Voodoo Love Machine.

The music is full of charisma and clever sounds. Each track moves around in various stylistic journeys all smoothly transitioning from on to the other. The music is extremely tight and energetic making you want to get up and dance. The only thing tighter than the sounds are the sharp tongued lyrics delivered with stylish irreverence!

The album opens with a catchy and tight Theme tune, aptly titled ‘Theme to Voodoo love machine’, reminiscent to the theme for Shaft. ‘Eat red carpet’ is a curious funky tune that bounces around with vibrant energy and occasional heavy rocking outbursts.

‘Actibreeze’ is a catchy rocking tune full of power, energy, and some clever ironic commercials mixed in. ‘Sex panther’ begins in a slow psychedelic fashion, gradually evolving over its 7 minute duration it covers racing energetic funk, spacey atmospheric soundscapes, and some hard rocking! ‘Battleworms (escape from doom)’ is an electrifying funky/hard rock offering reminiscent of Faith No More’s heavier work. Bursting at the seams with energy the song thrashes about in every direction and would probably smash everything in sight if it were a person.

‘Dancetown showdown’ swings between smooth lounge sounds and chaotic rock, feeling something like a bar in a western movie that calm and pleasant until someone sinister enters. ‘Electric jam on boogie’ is a curious hybrid of heavy rock and new age elements sounding like Robert Mills remixed by Front Line Assembly. ‘Living the dream’ closes the album with a huge ball of explosive energy, catchy funky tunes, and thrashing beats, ensuring the album ends with a massive blast! This is an action packed album full of energy and all manner of weird and wonderful sounds all flowing together seamlessly! This is one of those times where the band’s name describes perfectly what their music sounds like!

Check out Osaka Punch’s website to find out more!