One year after the EP’s original release, Danielle Deckard has released a deluxe edition of The End of the World, featuring acoustic versions of four of the tracks from the original EP plus a new track. The original EP shows off six beautiful indie pop tunes each painting their own moving soundscape

‘End of the world’ is a catchy and energetic pop tune. The music moves along with great feeling with various coulourful elements working together to create an upbeat and endearing vibe.

‘Sleep’ is a slower and more sombre offering. The darker sounds create a deep atmospheric journey with various vibrant elements discovered along the way. ‘A thousand times’ has a cold feel to it, like an early winter’s morning. The mix of folk music sounds and Danielle’s frosty but beautiful voice creates a vivid rural soundscape. ‘I lied’ is a heart breaking tear jerker, driven by a deep sad piano. Paired with emotional and passionate vocals, you can hear the agony felt through the song!

‘Without me’ sees the record start to take a slight turn with a hint of optimism coming through. The EP closes with the more lively, ska-esq ‘ Everything that never happened’. While still maintaining a dark undertone, there is a more energetic and lively feel compared to the previous tracks.

As a bonus, this Deluxe edition of the EP includes alternate versions of 4 of the tracks. The unplugged versions show up a more raw side of Danielle’s music, with a more earthy vibe being felt. The tracks all maintain their strength and beauty while revealing a slightly different side.

The acoustic version of ‘The end of the world’ has a softer feel to it, while maintaining its upbeat and catchy vibe. ‘Sleep’ sees a more country/folk sound coming out.

The solo version of ‘I lied’ sees things stripped down and bare, creating an even darker and heartbreaking feel with the silences adding as much emotion of the sounds.  ‘Everything that never happened” has a chilled out and laid back feel, with the acoustic guitar giving the song a rustic character. Closing out the bonus material is the lively acoustic indie pop tune ‘Older’. Bouncing along in a slow but energetic manner this provides a more upbeat close to the collection.

This is a brilliant collection that shows off some beautiful and moving songs while the acoustic versions show off a new raw side of the tracks while putting out just as much passion and emotion!

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