imageAfter a lengthy break from the music business, singer/songwriter Chris Cavill returned with new band The Prospectors,  releasing his  record to date, ‘Know Your Destiny’.

Twelve months later, Chris Cavill & The Prospectors are back, a whole lot louder and plugged-in. Shifting from the folk sounds into a more blues-rock direction, the band has gone full electric. Tomatrax caught up with Chris Cavill to ask a few questions.

Prior to last year you had a break from music, what did you get up to over this time?

I spent a few years doing grown up things… got married, had a son, travelled across southern USA and South East Asia, finished my teaching degree etc. All in all it was a really valuable break which revitalised my love for writing and performing original music.

Was it hard to get back into making music after the break?

Initially it was, definitely. Even though it had only been a couple of years (we all know how quick a year goes by these days) there had been some shifts in the industry, in particular the personnel involved. Things are really starting to take off now though, and I am enjoying the ride much more this time ‘round.

How did the collaboration with the Prospectors come about?

It started off in 2014 where I approached some long-time musician buddies with a collection of new songs. We jammed them out for about 6 months, played some shows and eventually recorded an album. From here Peter King (bass/vocals) jumped onboard with Dave Cafarella (drums) and myself, establishing ourselves as a solid blues/rock/folk 3-piece, ready for world domination – haha!

Where did the name the Prospectors come from?

Well we’re all searching for something… seemed fitting. 🙂

What made you pick ‘All that you got’ as the title track?

We wanted to let people know more about us, as people and as a band. ‘All That You Got’ is a motivational, hard-edged, blues/rock track that characterises those people who work hard and strive for success.

The EP sees your music move towards a more electric guitar style, what was the inspiration for this shift?

After playing mainly acoustic music for so many years, it’s quite refreshing to now be much louder and plugged in! It’s quite an adrenalin rush actually.

You’ve just begun your tour in support of the EP, how has that been going?

We just played 3 great shows up north around the Brisbane/Byron Bay area which were action-packed! The highlight was at this cool place near Brisbane called Eat Street Markets. We are super excited about returning to Newcastle and Sydney this weekend!!

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Not normally. Only usually around recording time or if my boy wants to dance. His favourite song is ‘Something For Nothing’.

What music do you listen to?

A whole range of genres and styles that mostly fall under the singer/songwriter category. Anything from Neil Young to Ryan Adams; plenty of local acts like Dan Sultan and Kim Churchill; and new bluesy-folky guys like Benjamin Booker and Kurt Vile.

What do you have planned after this tour?

We’re heading back up the East Coast for the Nimbin Roots Festival in September as well as bunch of other dates. Hoping to get amongst the festival vibes as much as possible this summer!


Check out Chris Cavill and the Prospectors’ Facebook page to find out more!