This is punk rock as it should sound! From start to finish there is a dark and gritty atmosphere executed courtesy of a sound that is completely raw and rough around the edges. The band put in a heap of passion and intensity into their delivery and it shows as the music provides a massive arse kicking from start to finish and doesn’t let up once!

The album blasts open with the fast and furious sounds of ‘Raised by snakes’. The track nails the raw garage rock/hard core punk sound in the vein of Black Flag or Pennywise pumping out raw energy from the word go. ‘Something I don’t know’ lifts the speed and intensity up another notch, packing a massive blast into a two minute window. ‘Crossing’ is a slower but heavier offering. The music thrashes about blasting off a massive raw energy that brings out a solid but gritty atmosphere. ‘Warning’ is an epic slow burner, thrashing about in a slow but aggressive manner with occasional outbursts of rage. There is a feeling of tension felt through the angry outbursts and the quiet rage, just waiting for the next outburst! ‘Quid pro quo’ is an intense 90 second blast of raw punk rock. ‘Time of my life’ is the albums big rock anthem. Roaring along with some great heavy riffs complemented with a dry growling chants in between the band achieve a heavy and hard hitting barrage of rock! The album closes with the slow, droney, grunge sounds of ‘Death’,

This album brings out the classic punk rock sound with all the gritty, rough and ready elements to go with it. The band blast their way through the ten tracks with no shortage of energy or flair! If you like your music raw this is the album for you!

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