It’s time for the third event of the Tomatrax Olympics. This week we are looking at the releases that are half way between a single and an album, the EP!

The distinction between singles, EPs, and albums has always been a grey area. For the purposes of this list an EP is classified as a release that:

* has fewer than 9 tracks (otherwise it’s an album)
* is longer than 15 minutes (any shorter and it’s a single)
* is shorter than 35 minutes (any longer then it’s an album)
* does not contain any tracks that were previous released (otherwise it’s a single) Note if a song off said EP appears on an album after the EP’s release it qualifies as an EP for the purpose of this list
* contains only one version of each track (i.e. no remixes, live versions, instumentals, etc)

This means that some “EPs” were declared inelligible while some albums were deemed to be EPs. So, let the controversy begin!


20th place
Reptilians from Andromeda – Sonic Rabbit Hole

19th place
Midnight Oil – Bird Noises

18th place
Tales of Murder and Dust – Peyote

17th place
Sickboy – Water never waits

16th place
Lily Louise – Falling and the leaves that followed

15th place
Liquid – Abdul’s Secret Movie

14th place
My Bloody Valentine – This is your bloody valentine

13th place
The Young Gods – The Young Gods play Kurt Weill

12th place
Alcest – Le Secret

11th place
Godspeed you black emperor – Slow riot for New Zero Kanda


10th place
The Arcade Fire – The Arcade Fire

9th place
Meshuggah – None

8th place
Pixies – Come on Pilgrim

7th place
Porcupine Tree – Staircase infinities

6th place
Swervedriver – Rave Down

5th place
Soundgarden – Screaming Life

4th place
Alice in Chains – Jar of flies

Bronze Medal
Gelbison – Gelbison

Silver Medal
Ride – Today Forever

Gold Medal
Nine Inch Nails – Broken