One month after their debut album, While I was gone,  Anda Volley’s new band, Godmouth, returned with another collection of experimental, electronic songs. This release provides a similar sound and style to its predecessor and would have fitted perfectly as part of it. This time however the music is a little more spooky and perhaps shows a darker side of Godmouth.

‘The Cave siren’s guardian’  is a dark and creepy tune, sounding like the evil twin of Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes’. The gloomy yet vivid sounds make you feel like you are wandering around a majestic but dark cave, uncovering strange and scary spirits as you venture deeper and deeper into the cave. ‘The mouth of a lake you’re longing’ has a more chilled out vibe to it. The electronic trip hop beats paried with the draney/ambient textures creates a sound that is both energetic and relaxed. As the track progresses the sounds yet wierder and more experimental, while Anda’s charasmatic vocals, burried into the sound, gives the song a nice emotion charged depth. ‘Hesitiate no more’ brings out a curious eastern/psceldelic sound. There is a curious blurry sound that gives out a hazy shegaze-esq vibe. This is enhanced by Anda’s spooky vocals that give the song a vivid eerie atmosphere.

Like the previous release, this EP shows off the much wierder and experimental side of Anda Volley. The sound is quite unconventional and as a result may not be accessible to all. But those open to new and unusual sounds will find something truly wonderful and rewarding from this experience.

Check out Godmouth’s bandcamp page to find out more!