It is time for event number two in the Tomatrax Olympics. It seemed fitting for the second event to be about the songs that traditionaly appeared on the second side of the artists’ single, the b-side.

Often bands put throwaway tracks or 7 “remixes” of the single as their b sides. But the better bands out there have enough great songs in them that they can put forward some amazing songs! This is why often the best indication of how good a band really is is what songs don’t make the albums!

There are some strict criteria that songs must meet in order to be considered a b-side for the purpose of this list, they are as follows.

* The track must not have been previous released (such as on an album or part of a soundtrack)
* Cover versions are not elligible (there will be a cover versions list later on)
* The track must not be an alternate version of a previously released track (e.g. remix, live version, instrumental).

Tracks that were initially released as b-sides and later re-released elsewhere are elligible.


20th place
Daft Punk – Musique (A: Da funk)

19th place
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – The ballad of Robert MoOre and Betty Coltrane (A: Where the wild roses grow)

18th place
Sepultura – Mine (A: Attitude)

17th place
Bjork – Síðasta Ég (A: Big Time sensuality)


16th place
They Might Be Giants – I’ll Sink Manhattan (A: They’ll need a crane)

15th place
U2 – The sweetest thing (A: Where the streets have no names)

14th place
Rammstein- Kokain (A: Das Modell)

13th place
My Bloody Valentine – Paint a rainbow (A: Sunny Sundae Smile)


12th place
Violent Femmes – Gimme the Car (A: Ugly)

11h place
Primitive Radio Gods – Stereo Winter (A: Fading Out)


10th place
The Go-Betweens – Karen (A: Lee Remick)

9th place
Eels – I Write the b-sides (A: Souljacker part 1)

8th place
Carter USM – Re-educating Rita (A: Anytime anyplace anywhere)

7th place
TISM – Last guitar hero (A: YOB)

6th place
The Whitlams – The Curse stops here (A: Blow up the pokies)

5th place
Moby – Thousand (A: Next is the E)

4th place
XTC – Dear God (A: Grass)

Bronze medal
The Smiths – How Soon is now (A: William, it was really nothing)

Silver Medal
Pink Floyd – Carful with that axe Eugene (A: Point me at the sky)

Gold Medal
The Cure – A chain of flowers (A: Catch)